Verfasst von: Karurosu | Juni 1, 2007

Kenichi episode 24


In Episode 24 Kenichi gets a little jealous as Miu is been invited by the handsome and very popular guy Tanimoto Natsu president of the drama club to play the role of Julia. Of course there is no Episode without action. In this Kenichi has to face some delinquents who cause trouble to the drama club. After the guys find out who they’re facing, they run away without getting their ass kicked. The next day the rumor that Kenichi injured some of the guys badly is spreading at school. So which Person is behind that incident…

Ratingbox 4/5

Summary: This funny and also action packed Anime is all about a student called Shirahama Kenichi. Known for his gutlessness the poor boy is always bullied by others. That’s why he earned the nickname “weak legs”. One day he meets the cute girl Furinji Miu who encourages him to visit her dojo where she lives under one roof with powerful masters of many different fighting styles. His way to become stronger just begins here…


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