Verfasst von: RinYume | Juni 1, 2007

Kosaka Riyu – Danzai no Hana

Reacently I watched the new anime show Claymore and the ending song was just awesome. So i searched the net and found out that the song is performed by Kosaka Riyu. So i went to my lovely onlinestore and bought the CD which is entitled by Danzai no Hana – Guilty Sky – Back at home i insert the disc into my computer and listend to this wonderful songs – specially said there are four of them on the CD.With the following names:

  • Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~
  • ignore
  • DANZAI NO HANA ~Guilty Sky~
  • ignore instrumental

The last few days I just listened to this four songs. Specially ignore is very nice but also the other ones aren’t bad. If you like the Ending of Claymore and specially this type of music then you should give it a try.

Here you can find the music video from Danzai no Hana ~Guilty Sky~which is hosted via youtube!
If you want to purchase this CD, head to YesAsia and buy it – you can’t do something wrong.


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